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Frequently Asked Questions

Check here for answers to the most frequently asked questions. Do you have a question that's not covered here? Feel free to contact us.

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If you have dental insurance coverage, we will work with your insurance company to Estimate covered benefits. The portion not included in the estimate will be due at the time of service. Please call with any specific insurance questions.

In most cases, records transfer means sharing of current dental x-rays. If you have had a full set of x-rays taken in the last 4 years or checkup x-rays in the last year, let us know. We can call for you but your previous office may require a release form be signed.

We see children of any age. The first dental visit should happen around 18months of age unless you have concerns before that. We will start to talk about your children’s dental care shortly after birth, we will go over oral hygiene and other early childhood concerns so that you are ready when teeth start to appear around 6 months of age.

If you feel you have a dental emergency call the office as soon as you can. Please call soon after the problem starts so it can be addressed quickly and hopefully during office hours. Dr. Skidmore has provided his cell number on the answering machine for when the office is closed. If the office is closed and Dr. Skidmore is out of town another local dentist will be on call and available to take care of you. If the emergency involves any airway or breathing problems please go straight to the Emergency Room and give them our information if they need to contact us with questions.

The aim of most dentistry is to appear as cosmetic as possible. There are many types of cosmetic Dentistry ranging from simple re-contouring and bonding procedures to implants and veneers. Dr. Skidmore likes to spend time with you to determine your wants and expectations before giving you several options. We feel that no matter how complex the case, a firm understanding of the procedure is the best path to excellent outcomes. A “cosmetic” result is what we strive for in all our work, so please bring us any and all of your cosmetic concerns. We will work with you to achieve the best solution for you.